Make Gameday Easier With a Limo

If you are a New York Rangers or Knicks fan, you know that thousands of people are going to fill up Madison Square Garden for each home game. This means that you have to deal with traffic in addition to fatigue as games may not end until 11 p.m. or later local time. However, you can make your experience a lot more fun and less stressful with a limo.

Get Right to the Stadium Entrance

Your limo driver will be able to get right to the stadium entrance or another parking lot within proximity to the arena. This means that you don’t have to fight others for a decent spot in a vehicle lot or park a mile away on the street. As the weather starts to turn colder and windier, you won’t want to walk a long distance among large crowds and jeopardize your chance of getting your sit before the puck drops or before tip-off.

Don’t Drive While Drunk or Tired

Since your limo driver is taking care of getting your home safely, you can enjoy your night without having to count your drinks or regret that you weren’t able to get more sleep the night before. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), drunk and drowsy driving are among the common reasons why people get into car accidents that result in serious injuries or death. Your limo driver will personally open the door for you when you get home, which means that you can take a nap and not miss your stop if you need a little shuteye on the way home.

Riding In a Limo Is a Unique Experience

Even if you were just going to the store, it would be a lot more fun if you were taking a limo there. Therefore, you and your friends will have some incredible memories of your night out even if the home team doesn’t win. During your trip to the game, you can enjoy a beer or a bottle of wine while munching on your favorite food. That means you don’t have to stop at the store or take your chances on getting into the crowded restaurant next to the arena if you didn’t eat before you left home.

The next time you plan to go to a Rangers or Knick game, make sure you know how you will get there safely. Limo transportation lets you get there in style, get home safely and create a memorable event for you and your friends that won’t soon be forgotten.

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image By Anthony Quintano, via Wikimedia Commons


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