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Some of the country’s oldest vineyards can be found in New York State.

The French Hugenots planted the first vines in the Hudson River Valley in New Paltz (now part of Ulster County) in 1677, 100 years before any vines were planted in California territory.

Since then, wineries have been springing up in every part of the state, most notably in the Hudson River Valley, Long Island, and the Lake Erie and Finger Lakes wine regions.

Today, New York boasts over 100 wineries in some of the most scenic areas of the state – like the Whitecliff Vineyards in Gardiner, NY.

Our Long Island Wine Tours you can sit back and enjoy complimentary champagne in any of our luxurious limousines. Visit LI Vineyards with our Tour and Let us guide you towards the perfect way to relax with others or just escape with a glass of fine wine!

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